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Inspired by the local bluegrass fervor of central Maine, Zevulon hit the New England music scene in June of 2005. Originally composed of siblings Clarissa, Rachel, Robert and Joshua, this family band quickly became an area favorite. [Mom] Deb soon joined the band, while continuing to perform with several jazz and concert bands. In 2010, Esther, the youngest member of the band, and Grace, an accomplished solo vocalist, songwriter, and musician, began singing with Zevulon.

With a resume that includes banquets, picnics, and weddings, as well as churches, coffeehouses, fairs, and festivals, Zevulon's repertoire and performance is truly versatile and unique. The fun and friendly atmosphere they create on stage makes for a show that's both exciting and easygoing. Their down home theme is flavored strongly with country and gospel as they embrace strains of bluegrass, folk, and blues.

The first time I saw Zevulon I knew I was witnessing something very special. It was as if I was being taken on a musical journey... [they] perform with a passion few groups are able to capture, making every song their own.
-- Craig Stutzman

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